Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Notes To My Son by Vesna M. Bailey

My friend and I went to the mall the other day. I really didn't feel like going but I thought it would be better than going back to bed. I have been trying to push myself to do things because the more I stay home and isolate myself, the more anxious I get about doing things. Anyway, I'm glad I went because I ended up going to the book store and meeting this wonderful author. She was doing a book signing there for her two books. I bought one of her books titled Notes To My Son. Today I decided to start reading it and ended up reading the entire book. It is really a very good book. Bailey is a really excellent writer. The book is very poetic and original. I would recommend it to people that don't even have children because the book is very inspiring and enjoyable to read. It certainly lifted my spirits. So, if you are out at the book store, I highly recommend it!

This is a quote taken directly from the book

Some choices are more difficult
to make than seams imaginable---
Search for the compass pointing
you to the greater good and set sail,
Keeping your faith as a rudder,
Hope as your wind,
Belief as your anchor,
Peace and acceptance as your harbor.


Notes To My Son Before You Go
Vesna M. Bailey

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